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Are your ECG analysis accurate?

Spirare EKG SPE200 offers 12 lead recordings, in addition to functions and tools for advanced analysis. Our newest ECG module supports recording using WiFi with a range of over 20 meters. In the absence of a WiFi network the unit can be connected via USB. The device meets the cardiologist's requirements for signal quality, and it is economical and user friendly for users in general practices, occupational health services and offshore. The unit is virtually maintenance free. The Spirare ECG recorder SPE200  has a CE certificate.


Have you experienced the advantages of 24-hour blood pressure monitoring?

Spirare 24-hour blood pressure monitoring gives access to previous patient data and offers a graphical view of the patient’s profile over time. A tidy user interface gives a

choice between all readings and a list of key figures like average and

maximum values. The blood pressure profile is analyzed according to the stated limits.

The system can be used for short time readings at the doctor’s office (20-30 min.) or for long time readings at home (24-48 hours).

Do you trust your spirometer sensor?

Spirare ultrasonic spirometer sensor uses a two way ultra sound to measure the speed of the air flow. This method is highly accurate and represents the most modern technology in spirometry. The digital technology makes re-calibration of the sensor unnessecary. Spirare has its own routine for quality control that monitors the accuracy of the sensor.


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