24-hour Blood Pressure

- user friendly and simple

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Blood pressure monitor
  • The monitor is robust

  • Solid connection to the cuff

  • Embedded memory

  • Remembers the latest cuff pressure, and the cuff will inflate to the same level for patient convenience and comfort

  • Quick reading

  • CE certificate

  • Validation by BHS, EHS and AAMI. 

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Spirare 24-hour blood pressure monitoring gives access to previous patient data and offers a graphical view of the patient’s profile over time. A tidy user interface gives a choice between all readings and a list of key figures like average and maximum values. The blood pressure profile is analyzed according to the stated limits. The system can be used for short time readings at the doctor’s office (20-30 min.) or for long time readings at home (24-48 hours).

Blood pressure monitoring at the doctor’s office

The monitor can be programmed to do readings every five or ten minutes, giving a series of automatic readings while the patient is relaxing in the waiting room. The results can then be transferred to the doctor’s PC. The system is suitable for a variety of tests, such as the Schellong test and the tilt test.


he patient carries the monitor for 24 to 48 hours in different environments with different stress levels, and at different parts of the day. This gives a set of daytime readings, an indication if the pressure is lowered at night, and it is possible to follow the rise of pressure in the morning after waking up. The monitor measures the blood pressure at regular intervals, resulting in a detailed blood pressure profile that allows the physician to give an optimal treatment of the patient.The Spirare ABPM system may help to eliminate sources of error, such as "white coat hypertension" and "masked hypertension".


Spirare ABPM is delivered with all neccessary items. The package includes:

  •  Case for containing the kit

  •  24-hour blood pressure monitor

  •  Pouch with belt and shoulder strap

  •  Cuffs in three different sizes

  •  Measure tape

  •  Four rechargeable batteries

  •  Battery charger

  •  USB-cable

  •  User manual


You can use the 24-hour blood pressure unit on its own, or together with Spirare ECG and spirometry. All examinations are made available in the same program.



The monitor needs two batteries. Rechargable batteries are recommended as they keep the voltage better in a 24-hour period that a normal AA battery. The re-charable batteries normally has to be changed on a yearly basis or as required.


The cuff cover can be washed in a washing machine using a mild detergent (must not be tumble dried). The rubber bladder must be removed and cleaned separately. Worn cuffs should be replaced.


Consumables for the Blood Pressure system can be ordered from Diagnostica AS.