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About us

Diagnostica AS (est. 1983) is a Norwegian manufacturer of PC based spirometry, ECG and 24-hour blood pressure monitoring.
We were the first supplier in Norway to offer a simple spirometer for General Practitioner’s office in the early 80’s. In 1994 we launched our first version of Spirare. This spirometry software became known and popular very quickly throughout all of Scandinavia. In 2007 we bought the Norwegian ECG manufacturer MedIT, giving us a complete PC-based cardiovascular system. Design, development, support and service are run from our headquarters in Oslo.

Product philosophy

Diagnostica designs, develops and manufactures user-friendly digital diagnostic solutions that integrates with most electronic patient journal systems. The Our systems can easily adapt to small as well as large networks, network installations, and online installations, Citrix or VPN solutions.
Diagnostica works with strategic partners to ensure that customers receive a complete, well-tested and high quality PC-based cardiovascular diagnostic solution.
Diagnostica provides service and support for our products to hospitals, general practitioners, occupational health care units, outpatient clinics and offshore health services through our distributors and partners.

Quality Assurance

The Diagnostica development process is well documented, and complies with all the main quality standards within our field of operations.


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