Spirare diagnostic system

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Spirare is easy to install and easy to use. We are happy to help you get started and our telephone based user support is included in the price.


Spirare can easily be adapted to small and large networks. The system is used by hospitals, general practitioners, occupational health care units, outpatient clinics and offshore health services. Our support staff have higher IT education and are ready to answer your questions and give advice when needed.

We set very high standards of accuracy and safety. To design a robust system, we have selected virtually maintenance free sensors. Less product hassle means more time with the patient.

Spirare is a full-featured PC based system for spirometry, ECG and 24 hour blood pressure monitoring

We help you find the right

solution for your needs


The Spirare system offers the best in PC based spiromerty, with advanced functions

for standard tests, post BD as well as bronchial challenge tests (exercise, cold/dry air,

pharmacological agents).


Spirare ECG provides automatic data analysis in several languages. The system is easy to use due to intuitive menus.  Spirare EKG-W SPE200 offers 12 lead  recordings, in addition to various functions and tools for advanced analysis. Our newest ECG model supports recording using WiFi


Spirare 24-hour blood pressure monitoring gives you various options of graphical view of the patient’s profile over time, as well as useful tools for data analysis and comparison. The system can be used for short time readings at the doctor’s office (20-30 min.) or for more long time readings at home (24-48 hours). Spirare ABPM is delivered with all necessary accessories, including cuffs in three different sizes and rechargeable batteries with charger.