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Spirare Ultrasound sensor
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The hygienic solution

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Diagnostica purchases hardware from the best European manufactorers, and puts it together in our own software system, Spirare. Software developement and IT-support is what we do best.


We take pride in making Spirare as easy and time saving as possible. By collecting different tests in the same system, there is simply less to worry about.


Spirare may be installed on regular business servers or in terminal servers such as Citrix-servers. New versions of Spirare is released on a regular basis, to ensure that new versions of Windows are supported.

For the GP

Spirare is made for general practise. The system is delivered with Forced Expiration Vital Capacity as standard test, and the multi ethnic GLI-2012 are the default reference values for the ages 3-95 years. To ensure maximum efficiency the system is only showing the three parameters you need.


If you wish to test the lung function again after the patient has inhaled medication, simply click again on the lung button to start a reversibility test. The changes in FEV1 from pre- to past BD is calculated and presented for you.

For the specialist

If you are an advanced user you might be interested to know that you may choose and adjust your own standard test. 


Spirare offers Slow Vital Capacity, Tidal Volume, and challenge tests, in addition to Forced Vital Capacity.


The two vital capacity tests may be done with expiration only, or combined with inspiration.

Does your patient get a cough attack every time? Slow Vital Capacity and Forced Vital Capasity may be combined to ensure that you capture the largest VC for the ratio, FEV1/VC.

You may add more parameters to your screen and print outs. You can also choose a different population study than GLI-2012 (we have plenty of references included, particularly  Scandinavian studies, but also from other countries). Since spirometry tests are being stored as raw data, you may even switch reference, to see how the predicted values and normal range changes.


Spirare complies with ATS/ERS recommendations for standarised spirometry.

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