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Spirare ECG provides automatic analysis
12 lead recordings
Automatic analysis
Superimpose complexes
Supports WiFi
About Spirare ECG

Spirare ECG provides automatic ECG interpretation. The system is easy to use

due to the intuitive menus and attractive interface.

Among the advantages of the Spirare ECG system are the quick and simple

display of previous recordings, display of overlayed QRS complexes, as well as

comparison of QRS width, ST deviation, PQ- and QT-time.

Combined with the Spirare spiromerty module this amounts to an advanced

and complete cardiopulmonary diagnostic system.

The ECG, spirometry and 24 hour blood pressure modules share the same

patient database and interface. Using the same program for three different

examinations makes it all very simple and clear.

Spirare ECG is particularly adapted for use with electronic medical records, and

 can be integrated with the most common EMR systems in Scandinavia.


PC-based rest ECG 12 channel
Spirare ECG SPE200 with banana cable
New Spirare SPE200 EKG recorder              

Spirare EKG SPE200 offers 12 lead recordings, in addition to functions and tools for advanced analysis. Our newest ECG module supports recording using WiFi with a range of over 20 meters. In the absence of a WiFi network the unit can be connected via USB.


The device meets the cardiologists' requirements to signal quality, and it is economical and user friendly for users in general practices, occupational health services and offshore. The unit is virtually maintenance free. The Spirare ECG recorder SPE200  has a CE certificate.


Spirare ECG is delivered with patient cable with either banana plug or clip connectors, depending on your preferences.


Electrodes  for rest ECG are available from most suppliers of medical consumables.


Spirare ECG can be used separately or together with the Spirare spirometry module and 24 hour blood pressure module.