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What customers say
Easy to use
Easy to integrate with journal system
About Spirare EKG

-Spirare EKG is easy to use. It starts quickly, and one doesn't need deep

knowledge in order to do recordings. Of course it requires knowledge to

interpret ECGs, but we often feel that the automatic interpretations the program

offers are good and in coherence with what we think. If we think the patient has

fibrillation the interpretation often suggets the same. The signals are nice and

clean without much disturbance.  Even if the patient moves a little the signals

are good. The best about Spirare is however the excellent support. The support

surpasses what I have experienced from other companies.
Lawrence Rajakumar, GP

                                                    About Spirare 24 hour blood pressure

                                                             -The main advantage with 24h blood pressure tests is that it provides a much                                                                                  more representative overview of the blood pressure. Among the single                                                                                           measurements we do at the office we see a lot of "tension blood pressure".          

                                                             Many of those patients are singled out when you do a 24h test.  We have two                                                                                Spirare 24 hour blood pressure devices that are out continuously now and we

                                                             are starting to get quite a bit of experience with this. Finally, the new cuff model

                                                             in plastic is easier to clean, but we miss a conic shape on the large cuff, so it will

                                                             fit better on large men.  Bertil Johnsen, Nurse


About Spirare spirometry

-Spirare is easy to use, with clear and understandable screens. Fit for use even on smaller children.
Ingegärd Holmström, Asthma and COPD nurse.


-Clear spirometry curves -easy for the patient. Straight forward and pedagogic.  

I like the different colors on the curves. You see the result right away.
Irene Engqvist, Asthma and COPD nurse


-Easy to work with
Monica Badel, Asthma and COPD nurse


-Positive: Ultrasonic sensor, does not need recalibration. Can be expanded with

24-hour blood pressure. I often use the spirometry trend curve.  
Negative: The quality control may be difficult to use.
Ann Charlott Hessbo, Asthma and COPD nurse


About Spirare spirometry, ECG and 24 hour blood pressure in one system
Easy to use
Well integrated with our journal system
Functions very  well
Good support
Per Pedersen, GP