Spirare spirometry offers the best in PC-based spirometry.
​Maintenance free Ultrasound sensor, Quality controll, Reversibility test, Challenge test, Terminal server is supported
About Spirare spirometry

The Spirare system offers the best in PC based spirometry. It is mainly made

for general practice, and with add on features for specialists like bronchial

challenge tests (using cold/dry air or pharmacological agents). There is also

an exercise challenge test which is included in the basic version.

In Spirare, forced expiration is set as the default test, but you may also choose

to do slow vital capacity, a combination where SVC is follwed by FVC,  or

other tests such as tidal volume or MVV. In ATS/ERS 2019 it is recommended 

doing expiration + inspiration as a means of quality control. This is not recommended for Norwegian GPs,

but Spirare may of course be used with Exp + Insp as a setting.


Functions include automatic spirometric quality evaluation, comprehensive

reports and trend graphs adjusted for normal ageing of the lungs, giving

a good overview of patient history. The system also includes an interactive animation for


Spirare complies with ATS/ERS recommendations for standarised spirometry,

and ISO standard for spirometry from 2009. Spirare users are guaranteed

support and access to the most recent versions of the Spirare software.

Lung funtion test with spirometer

Takk for din henvendelse. En av våre medarbeidere vil kontakte deg så snart vi kan.

Spirare ultrasonic spirometer sensor

The Spirare SPS330 sensor uses a two way ultra sound to measure the speed of the air flow. This method is highly accurate and represents the most modern technology in spirometry. The digital technology makes re-calibration of the sensor unnessecary. Spirare has its own routine for quality control that monitors the accuracy of the sensor.

The sensor is very easy to use, thanks to its portable and ergonomic design.

Hygienic disposable mouthpieces prevent crosscontamination. These are very comfortable to use for for adults as well as children.

This unique technology and design make the sensor reliable. It has no loose and movable parts, which require service and cleaning.

The USB connection means there is no need for batteries or separate power supply.

The light sensor connected to a laptop or a mini PC is your portable spirometry system, well suited for use outside your office.

The Spirare sensor is maintenance free. See our brochure for more details.

Reference values GLI-2012

The spirometry module uses the Spirare Sensor for a number of standard spirometry tests, including expiration and inspiration tests, exertional provocation test, reversibility test (Post BD) and trend graphs. Spirare is delviered with  GLI-2012 as default setting for the ages 3-95 years, but the user may also choose from a variety of local population studies, such as OLIN, Hedenström, Gulsvik, and Langhammer and more.

Simplifying reports

We have been making our reports more clear and more efficient during  the past few years. We will be taking further steps for simplifying reports in 2021 and we'll share the reports with you on this site.

If you are a GP then this is all you really need:

  • FVC

  • FEV1

  • Ratio

Inline virus- and bacteria filters

Inline virus- and bacteria filters are now available for Spirare spirometer. International guidelines from ATS/ERS recommend the use of in line filters in all spirometry testing. In Sweden it has been advised that spirometry shall not be done without these filters.

Spirette Standard mouthpiece
Lung function test child spirometry