Telephone support

Telephone support is included in the license price.


We like to help you get started with Spirare, and telephone support is

included in the price. Some of our distributors give on site training.

Quality control of spirometry graphs in Spirare

Spirare does a continuous quality assessment of all spiromerty tests. The assessment is based on criteria for approved technique and reproducibility. We recommend that only tests with a grade A or B are used (equivalent to two acceptable trials and variance of less than 150 ml).



Takk for din henvendelse. En av våre medarbeidere vil kontakte deg så snart vi kan.

Spirometry trend graphs

Trend graphs give you instant overview of the patient development over time. The graph can be opened by clicking on the icon in the tool bar, via keyboard button F3 or via the menu Patient /trend curves.


Settings and user definitions

We encourage the local Spirare administrator to explore the Configuration settings under settings / /configuration.  A variety of choices are are available: Settings for examination procedures, report layout, screen setup etc.